The Nuances of a Creative CEO

The complexities in any leader, whether they be a coach, teacher, politician, or CEO, is always vast and varied. Oftentimes you do not get a glimpse into who they are, what drives them to do what they do, who inspires them, where they find inspiration, and just about anything else about their process until a memoir, autobiography, or biography is written. This site strives to change that. I will provide content as it relates to ideas I have, things I am particularly fond of, and responses to things I see. My motivation for having this site is to give those who wish to see it, to get an unencumbered view into my world.

Visit often to see what I am thinking, what I like and to see what I'm doing both personally and professionally. Much of what I decide to post comes to me spontaneously and will give you a rare glimpse into how I think and what inspires me. I will also feature quotes and short blurbs from people I meet who have an important lesson to share, giving you a broader sense of what goes on behind the facade.

Derrick S. Wong is the CEO and founder of Winning Solutions Advisory, a strategic advisory firm focused on helping small to mid size companies as well as startups with innovation strategic solutions in business management, branding, and technology.

"We do what we love, so you can do what you love."

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Derrick is also key in the growth and management of Champions Combine, a sports branding agency designed to help sports related entities varying from athletes, models, teams, leagues, and industry related businesses to achieve their best possible brand by creating engagement from 360 degrees to help achieve your desired end result - whether it be to compete at the next level, grow your fan base, engage the media effectively, reach more consumers, etc.

"Winning sports brands. Increased visibility. Impressive results."

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American culture places a premium on the ability to speak confidently before a crowd. Career counselors will tell you it’s a sure path to professional success. Compelling speakers can achieve positions of power and wealth.

"Think of it like a planned conversation. You know where the conversation’s going…but you’re loose enough in the moment to make it up a little bit as you go along. You want to have 80 percent of it prepared and allow 20 percent to be spontaneous.”

How celebs and politicians manage to deliver smooth and seemingly spontaneous performances

The ability to speak dynamically in public is a valuable skill to possess, but there is a greater concept that requires consideration.  It’s the ability to build a respectable and attention drawing brand.  This can be either built around a specific person, a business, a product, an event, etc.  While brands can be built on many things using a variety of different mediums, a mouthpiece that demands respect and engages its audience is especially crucial to generate visibility, provide for retention of users, and to create demand.  Without a centerpiece or a central core of well spoken individuals, it will be challenging to provide a message that people connect with and want to interact with on a deeper level.  Once you have a deeper understanding of this need, learning how celebs and politicians do it becomes ever more important.  

- Derrick S. Wong, CEO of Winning Solutions Advisory LLC. / 855.  WSA.  WINS / @WSAdvisory /

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    For many, public speaking can be a daunting task.Here are some techniques to help you become an inspirational and...
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    The ability to speak dynamically in public is a valuable skill to possess, but there is a greater concept that requires...
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